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What is SAP implementation by ABEO?

With its headquarters in Singapore, ABEO provides packaged business management software solution by combining the best and essential IT solutions for business.

As a significant SAP partner in Sout East Asia, ABEO provides SAP software solutions for effective business management; our strengths are in fashion, retail and distribution, consumer goods, pharma and high tech production.

With over 20 years in the business, ABEO has helped initiate and successfully completed over 200 SAP projects in over 10 coutries, all on time and on budget.

Understanding the challenges and opportunities a business faces in the global economy, ABEO focuses deploying best practice solutions that work effectively whilst ensuring compatibility with the vision and DNA it’s clients. 

SAP S/4 HANA Software

The SAP Digital Platform, apart having a world class core Enterprise Resource Planning functionalities, is the foundation for providing the platform for orgnizations to transform and take advantages of the increasing requirement to be Industry 4.0 compliant.

There are 3 possibilities for deploying SAP. They are on premise, where the hardware and infracture is managed by the client organization, Cloud, where the hardware and infrastructure is managed by a cloud hosting service provider and a hybrid approach where some of the hardware is deployed on premise, for example Production and some deployed on the cloud for example Development and Quality Assurance.

Irrespective of the method of hardware infrastructure deployment, some of the benefits of your initial SAP solution deployment are as follows: 

  • Provide a scaleable business solution platform – Think big, start small 
  • Provide real time business performance data 
  • Integration of businss processess within the “four walls”
  • Better visibility and thus ability to manage the cash to cash cycle
  • Inventory visibility at all locations with effective replenishment algorithms thus reducing shrinkages, over stock or stock out events
  • Insights into all product, overheads and other related costs 

With the initial deployment of SAP, Abeo, together with you, can define a road map which will be in line with your Corporate vision and strategy. Examples of these are solutions for unified commerce, enhancing your customers experience in doing business with you, advance supply chain solution to address volatile market conditions and complex logistics, advanced analytics solution with complex data modeling and predictive capabilities


SAP S/4 HANA run on in-memory computing (in-memory computing),

SAP S/4 HANA is considered the base of breakthrough intelligent technology developed by SAP. helps improve the whole procedure and boost competitiveness.


Providing courses on SAP software 

ABEO is selected by SAP as the first partner Vietnam to provide SAP software training classes and train professional SAP initiation consultant. 

Combining theory and practice, helps students use their knowledge into real practices.   

The needs to hire SAP software initiation consultant rises businesses and the Vietnamese job market still hasn’t provided enough SAP consultants that have good expertise skills and knowledge, can solve and consult businesses on implementing SAP successfully. 

Understanding that demand, ABEO cooperated with SAP to open ABEO Academy center that specializes in training SAP experts and implementing SAP in Vietnam. 

The training method ABEO Academy mainly focuses on the combination of theory and practice, helps students use what they have learned as fast as possible.

About SAP implementation courses at ABEO Academy

  • Fewer info and shorter courses
  • Info filtered from standard SAP knowledge combined with Case studies helps make it easy for students to understand and practice.
  • Each course is tailored to fit the level and work history of each employee
  • Transparent curriculum, flexible class organizing, suits the needs of every individual and businesses, …
  • Our instructor on consulting and and technical SAP are SAP certified, with experience in implementing SAP successfully in many projects in different industries
  • Various topics, each course focuses on one single topic


What makes ABEO different?

  • Established in 1998 in Singapore, now ABEO have offices in Viet Nam, Malaysia, Indonesia and USA. 
  • ABEO owns the network of top solution partners in the world such as SAP, jda, NCR, NEC.
  • ABEO have knowledge in retail  (e-commerce, fashion, F&B & grocery store)
  • Consulting team from overseas with high expertise combined with Vietnamese team with knowledge about the Vietnamese market.
  • Within Vietnam, ABEO has worked on projects for big names such as Vingroup, BigC, Maison, Golden Gate, Red Sun, Maxport, Hoiana and many more customers in different areas

Click this link to find out more about our customers.

For businesses:

  • ABEO consult and find the optimal solution, helps raise competitiveness of a business in this 4.0 age.
  • Increase profit and ROI.
  • Uses IT solutions of top worldwide partner but tailored to the culture and needs of Vietnamese businesses.
  • Helps companies train professional SAP initiation consultants according to international SAP guidelines.

For students:

  • Thorough training and skills and essential knowledge of a professional SAP initiation consultant and sap software.
  • International standard classroom where students can access global SAP training system
  • Opportunities to join international SAP software corps
  • Opportunities to expand and upgrade expertise to work around the world


If you have any questions involving initiating SAP or the SAP software initiation course, contact ABEO through our hotline number +84 28 3911 7252


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ABEOAbout Us
Abeo International is a leading provider in business consulting and enterprise solutions (SAP ERP) across Asia covering over 10 countries.
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ABEOAbout us
Abeo International is a leading provider in business consulting and enterprise solutions (SAP ERP) across Asia covering over 10 countries.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?

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Copyright © 2019 ABEO Inc. All rights reserved.