SAP Enable Now and SAP Learning Hub: Smart Learning for Intelligent Enterprises

September 9, 20200

With the current complicated situation of Covid-19, businesses need to leverage technology to support their recovery as well as take advantage of the new reality to thrive digitally and succeed. It is time for you, whether you are the CIO or any other digital technology leaders, to take actions for the future of your organization. 

Why do we need User-Adoption and Training Solutions

After instructor-led trainings before go-live period, research shows that the learning curve will decrease significantly, which eventually creates “knowledge gap”. Moreover, remote working has become increasingly common, leading to continuos changes to businesses. As a result, your business would want a tool to improve user adoption and enhance the end-user experience without the facility of in-person trainings.

Learning curve

Source: Josh Berlin (2017) 

SAP proudly introduces you to SAP Enable Now and SAP Learning Hub 

SAP Enable Now  

Traditional in-person trainings can last for hours without encountering real-time errors and unexpected problems. Therefore, end-users will have a difficult time dealing with those issues and manually transferring their experience to co-workers or new employees. Moreover, as they have to constantly adapt to innovations and changes, it will easily disrupt the workflow and decrease productivity while wasting a lot of time and money. However, with SAP Enable Now, your business’s concerns are in good hand.

SAP Enable Now, previously known as Workforce Performance Builder, provides instant knowledge for end-users through a platform with access to online training and contextual support. With SAP Enable Now,  it is now easy for trainers to edit, customize and save for reuse any learning materials and documentation content, which will allow learners to learn “in the flow of work” instead of sitting for hours in a traditional training.

Statistics show that:

Workplace learning statistics

Source: Workplace learning report

Why SAP Enable Now?  

With SAP Enable Now’s application simulation function, trainers can explain the whole process through tutorial recordings, and it enables content to be edited and added to those recordings with explanations on each screen, or even generating 9 types of tests such as multiple-choice.. With these recordings, documentation in Word, PDF, PowerPoint and HTML formats can be generated using customized templates.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of adding audio to the recordings. In this way, you can explain each step of training contents, screen by screen. Furthermore, you can choose between a monitored or personalised voice (informal). It is an easy and effective way to share knowledge by recording a voice file directly while recording, or afterwards alternatively.

The declared goal of Enable Now is to make knowledge transfer efficient. For that purpose, the software offers a comprehensive range of functions:

  • Simulations
  • Test scripts 
  • E-learning videos 
  • Transaction documentation
  • Training manuals to demos
  • Contex-sensitive user help  

A wide range of materials and formats can be generated and made accessible and shared via a database. 
SAP Enable Now is able to bring learning to your employees at the right time when they need it. 

  • For new employees, from the first day of work, they will have access to all training materials in one place
  • For current employeesthey can update any materials that can automatically transfer to others in one click. 
  • For trainersthey can understand and resolve faster and better the problems your employees might be facing by looking at the steps recorded with detailed description. 

With SAP Enable Now, you will be saving time for everyone and saving so much money for training. SAP Enable Now is a way to learn knowledge in a simple, detailed and continuous way, which will increase worker productivity.


SAP Enable Now customers are prestigious corporations around the world such as NestleVolvo, Lekkerland SE & Co. KGSydney Water CorporationPoongsan Cooperation, etc who has successfully delivered better training for their employees and experienced excellent results.

“SAP Enable Now gives our employees a full range of training options that are in the context of our processes. By using the solution’s desktop assistant for embedded training, our employees can get help without involving other busy employees.” – Lekkerland SE & Co. KG

The modular structure of SAP Enable Now allows you to license and pay for only the number of users that you require at any given time. Moreover, SAP Enable Now can be implemented for both SAP or non-SAP systems.

SAP Learning Hub

In the wake of digital transformation, technology innovations are indispensable. What comes with innovation are continuous changes.Everyone of us needs to learn and adapt to those changes the fastest we can in order to succeed. Thus, it is best to educate yourself, sharpen your skills and keep yourself up-to-date. With SAP Learning Hub, you will be able to develop yourself independently and your organization concurrently during this uncertain time.

SAP Learning Hub is a cloud-based learing platform available 24/7 thay allows the business to gain knowledge tailored to their needs at their own pace. SAP Learning Hub grants you access to learning materials and hands-on practice offered through a variety of excellent formats.

SAP Learning Hub

SAP Learning Hub will keep your business updated with the SAP’s techonology, close the knowledge gaps after go-live and build up the expertise in the solution specific to you. Yet, you will only need to pay once for a full year of unlimited access to all types of resources for your entire business.

Many companies in the world are on for the game.

What about you? Are you ready to take the lead in the digital transformation?

Join our webinar (Vietnamese language) hosted by SAP and Abeo, on September 17th, 3PM, Vietnam time, to know more about SAP’s Training and Adoption solutions.

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Abeo International is a leading provider in business consulting and enterprise solutions (SAP ERP) across Asia covering over 10 countries.
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