Meet our "botanist" - Mr. Thang from B1 team

March 10, 20210

In this 2021, Abeo would like to bring you a new blog series to honor the Abeo family members for their contributions to the company’s growth.

To kick off the #Abeostorytellers series, let’s meet Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, SAP Business One (B1) Developer and learn about his 8-year journey at Abeo Vietnam.

Dear Mr. Thang, could you please tell everyone: What was your predestination to work in Abeo?

Through an introduction by relatives, I knew that Abeo was looking for B1 developer and I felt that I was the right person for that position.

How many years have you been working at Abeo and what position are you currently holding?

I have worked in Abeo for more than 8 years, have gone through many projects, my current position is SAP B1 Developer.

As one of the longest-serving members of Abeo Vietnam, what factors have made you stick with Abeo for the past 8 years?

What has made me stick with Abeo for many years is the good working environment, sociable colleagues, and very friendly leaders, it forms a very united and strong Abeo team.

Did you set any goal when you joined Abeo and how did you achieve them?

Before I joined Abeo, I worked with many different ERPs such as MS Navision, Iscalar Epico, … but this was the first time I worked with SAP B1. I set a target in the first year: I needed to research, understand the techniques as well as the function of SAP B1 to customize it when the customer needs.

I always set my own goals every year and at the end of each year there will be a summary of the past year about what I have accomplished.

What challenges have you encountered while working and how did you overcome it?

Sometimes, there were projects that lasted too long, but with determination of whole team to work to the end, we could then finally close the project. Or when the company has financial difficulties due to Covid-19 epidemic, I empathize with the company and find a way to weather the storm with my colleagues.

Can you share your most memorable milestones at Abeo?

My most memorable milestone in Abeo is the first-time implementing retail software, (RPFO developed by Abeo, of which I am one of the main developers) it successfully rolled out in more than 120 stores.

What do you usually love doing in your free time?

After stressful working hours, I often take care of bonsai on weekdays and go out, eat out with my family on weekends and holidays.

Do you have any advice for young people who want to pursue developer career in general and SAP developer in particular?

As for the developer work, I advise young people to never ignore any, even the smallest error. As for SAP B1, we need to learn and understand not only the technical aspects but also the functions of SAP.

Many thanks to Mr. Thang for this interesting conversation and we wish him health and success in the new year.

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ABEOAbout us
Abeo International is a leading provider in business consulting and enterprise solutions (SAP ERP) across Asia covering over 10 countries.
Telephone: +842822508876
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?

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