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March 22, 20210

As you may already know, Abeo Vietnam, a branch of Abeo International headquartered in Singapore. In Abeo, cultural diversity is always welcome. Abeo employees come from different countries, there are Vietnamese employees who had worked at Abeo International before moving to Abeo Vietnam.

Additionally, we also have the office rotation to help employees who are ready for a new challenge or location smoothly transition to their next opportunity.

In the series 2 of #Abeostorytellers, you are invited to learn about the experience of working in Abeo Singapore and Vietnam – Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu, Assistant General Director of Abeo Vietnam.

Hi Mr. Hieu, first of all can you please share to us what made you decide to work at Abeo International – a technology company when you had previous experience in retail, hotel management?

In 2012, while working for a retailer in Singapore, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Michael Lim – Founder of Abeo International. At that time, Abeo International was also focusing on developing a market segment for ERP exclusively for the Retail industry and strengthening the company’s sales team. Therefore, Mr. Michael gave me the opportunity to join Abeo and challenged me as a Sales and Marketing executive.

How many years have you been with Abeo and what positions have you held?

I started working at Abeo Singapore in early 2013 as a Marketing Executive and was also in charge of Channel Sale through Abeo’s partner companies. From July 2014, I was transferred to Abeo Vietnam office to support Abeo Vietnam activities. Since then, I have been working as the Assistant General Director, in charge of a number of areas such as administration, human resources, legal and finance. I have been working in Abeo for 9 years.

Can you tell everyone what factors have kept you in Abeo for the past nine years?

The human factor is the most important. From leaders to colleagues in the team, I always feel comfortable and confident. The coordination at work is always based on the spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance, not competition, so I feel the working environment is quite “easy-to-breath”.

Did you have any goals when you joined the company and how have you achieved them?

Goals are changed from time to time. Changes in age and personal life will lead to changes in work needs. At the beginning, I joined Abeo Singapore with the goal of having the opportunity to continue to gain work and life in Singapore.

When I decided to move back to Abeo Vietnam, my goal was changed to having a stable job with a good income, maintaining an independent life in Saigon and supporting and visiting family in Hanoi. Basically, my job in Abeo already meets my goals, so to achieve these goals, I only need to work hard in my daily jobs.

Have you encountered any work challenges and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge when working as a general manager is there will be new areas of knowledge that I do not know, or do not have in-depth knowledge about it, especially in areas such as legal and finance. Faced with new questions, Google is always a good friend I should look to in the first place. Trying to find out the answer myself to remember longer than asking someone to answer it, handling it for me and then I will forget it.

Also, as an introvert, I’m not into interacting with too many people, especially customers. So sometimes I stay silent and disappear.”

Do you have any memorable milestones with Abeo?

The first milestone was at the end of 2015 when Abeo has the first project outside of Hanoi. For the first time, I experienced on-site business and leisure activities at the project. That experience was a bit long, it lasted for more than 2 years.

The second milestone was the design, construction and relocation of Abeo’s office to a new location at the end of 2019. A lot of thoughts, time and effort have been invested into that event, and I was very pleased with the results. when the office is perfect and close to the design.

After work, what do you usually like to do?

As a lazy person by nature, I don’t have too many hobbies. If given the choice, I will surf Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram all day. However, I am aware that old age is coming, I also temporarily succeed in forcing himself to participate in cardio, swimming, jogging, and yoga classes about 4-5 days / week. In addition, I also regularly go to discover new and interesting cafes and restaurants in Saigon.

Could you share some tips for young people who want to work in Singapore companies in general and technology companies like Abeo in particular?

Some young people often feel unfair that the assigned work or tasks are slightly out of the original job description / scope that you received when you were interviewed or you signed a labor contract. However, from my experience, I found out that being willing to do some “side” jobs sometimes gives me a lot of knowledge, the opportunity to express yourself to your boss and co-workers, and sometimes it brings you unexpected promotions. Of course, this does not mean you have to carry everything, but it simply means that you should have an open and aggressive attitude at work, especially in the early stages of your career.

Thank you for taking the time to share your insight.

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ABEOAbout us
Abeo International is a leading provider in business consulting and enterprise solutions (SAP ERP) across Asia covering over 10 countries.
Telephone: +842822508876
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