Enterprise resource planning (ERP) supports end-to-end core business processes including the areas of human resource, finance, administration and operations management.


GPOS is built on the foundation of Retail diversification and Retail best practices. Abeo International’s vast experiences in implementing solutions for some of the region’s most renowned retailers has contributed to the emergence of a comprehensive and user friendly Retail Execution solution that caters to multiple segments. This means that in today’s diversified retail landscape, retailers can leverage on one single platform to cater for their multiple lines of business.

GPOS provide Retailer a real time view of their operations with centralize control enabling them to make effective and timely decisions. It helps Retailer succeed in their business by providing integrated functionalities including Analytics, Customer Loyalty Management, and Integration to e-Commerce, Promotions, Inventory and In-store Management.

Business Benefit:

  • Multi-segment POS
  • Scalable and Configurable
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Open Integration Framework
  • Continuous and Dedicated Innovation


Retail, a competency which combines the art of making a profit from connecting dreams to wallets and the science of delivering the ‘right’ product at the ‘right time’ for the ‘right’ price to the ‘right’ customer.

Connecting the dreams of a more digitally aware customer base requires more than just Plan, Buy, Move and Sell. Retailers today need to position themselves as a Lifestyle Destination. This would require an IT architecture which not only provides accurate visibility of the business but also to provide insights on customer buying behaviour.

The expertise of Abeo in deploying the best in class SAP for Retail solution combined with actionable insights will enable retailers to better understand their customers, anticipate their needs and inspire their shopping experience.

Predicated on the SAP Best Practices for the Retail Industry, Abeo has developed various localized templates to address the unique requirements for the various micro segments in retail in South East Asia.


Abeo offers a comprehensive suite of web applications that seamlessly integrate with existing backend systems while promoting self-service. Developed using leading technologies such as .NET and Java, these applications can be readily deployed on the most advanced system platforms facilitating real-time information exchange.

Based on the concept of employee self-service, the features and functions built on a user-friendly web interface help empower employees and managers while boosting productivity and efficiency within your organisation.

Abeo's Key Applications Include:

Electronic Leave Solution: eLeave

eLeave is an Electronic Leave Solution that manages employees' leave records with a user-friendly web interface that allows leave balance checks, records views and leave applications. This intelligent system reduces paper consumption while improving productivity and business processes.

Key Features :

  • Online notification of leave status via email with automatic leave record updates to backend systems
  • Easy review and retrieval of leave records and history, with leave calendar displays
  • Flexibility in accommodating unique HR policies into the system

Electronic Claim Solution: eClaim

eClaim is an Electronic Claiming Solution that enables submission and approval of claims online with direct integration to backend ERP systems.

Key Features:

  • Auto-notification of claim status via email
  • Easy retrieval and review of submitted claims and claim history
  • Offline claim drafting


Having real-time access to precise and updated information is critical for making sound business decisions fast. Equipping employees onsite or constantly on the road with mobility solutions makes them more responsive to a demand or task. Organisations today are moving away from traditional processes and adopting these innovative mobility solutions. By synchronising existing Enterprise Resource Planning or Customer Relationship Management systems with mobile devices, real-time access can be available anytime, anywhere via mobile networks.

Ideal for those in sales, service and logistics, the solution eliminates the need to commute to the office for the most updated information thus saving time and resources. As data updates are performed directly into the system, paper-based forms are reduced and mission-critical applications and processes such as time registration or stock and inventory control are easily available. In addition, duplicate data entry is eliminated on top of prompt delivery of invoices and service reports to customers. Partnering one of the world’s leading middleware solution provider Dexterra, Abeo creates and develops customised and compatible applications that enable optimum utilisation of mobile devices such as smartphones or PDAs.

Industry Applications

  • Aerospace Defense
  • Electronics
  • Facility and Asset Management (office maintenance checks)
  • Government Bodies and Public Utilities (maritime, police, power meter checks)
  • Industrial Products
  • Insurance
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare (medical equipment checks)
  • Manufacturing and FMCG (consumer packaged goods)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Retail, Wholesales Distribution and Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel, Transportation and Logistics

Common Compatible Mobile Devices

  • BlackBerry
  • Laptops
  • MS mobile devices
  • Smartphones & PDAs
  • RFID devices


Abeo proposed SAP’s Business Intelligence component has a data structure that is identical to SAP ERP, allowing easy data extraction from operations systems. The result is a consistent database that is immediately available with minimum programming required to generate reports and analysis.

The solution improves the ability to make business decisions based on an enterprise-wide view, allowing your company to efficiently produce reports based on accurate financial data. Data can also be frozen to generate statistics on a fixed set of data, which can then be used to compare specific ratios. The single metadata source ensures consistent analysis and alerts that allows theconsolidation of historical transactional data in a separate database.

The implementation of SAP BI enables your company to achieve its goals of consolidating information from different sources, providing timely information, allowing for standard reporting and analysis, improving operational performance and enabling informed decisions.


Do you have the right solutions for business success? Abeo will help you to maximize your success through a combination of Abeo experts, methodologies, tools and developments – plus a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings. These offerings span all phases of your solution life cycle, from planning and building to running. With Abeo’s help, you can better integrate and align your IT and business strategies, get your software up and running fast and keep it operating at peak levels – ensuring that IT supports your business goals.

Other solution offerings include:

  • SAP Upgrade
    Upgrades can be categorised into technical, functional and strategic. Technical involves just upgrading the SAP technology, functional takes it a step further to utilise the nefeatures, and strategic involves upgrading other aspects of the business, including business processes. Our consultants can work with you to upgrade your SAP landscape so that your organisation can gain business-critical competitive advantages.

  • Virtualisation
    Virtualisation offers a huge saving in terms of storage and enables more than twice the number of services to be hosted in the same physical space. This means hardware costs will be reduced through consolidation of physical servers. The ability to rapidly deploy a new system without ordering new hardware can be a big time saver for IT staffs who are expected to do more and add greater value to the organisation. With Virtualisation, power consumption and the need for cooling will also be reduced, thus helping you to save on the overall running costs.

  • Radio Frequency Technology
    A Radio Frequency enabled warehouse infrastructure brings increased efficiency and productivity to customers that have implemented SAP’s Warehouse Management System (WMS). By integrating RF technology to traditional warehouse operations, data during goods movements is updated real time while the operation occurs. Using devices such as barcode scanner, information obtained from barcode scanning is integrated to the SAP system in real time, eliminating the need for manual input, which traditionally is the bottleneck of warehouse processes. At the same time, it diminishes the amount of errors caused by manual data entry, thus increasing productivity and efficiency, enabling faster turnaround and greater accuracy in inventory data.

  • SAP NetWeaver Service Oriented Architecture
    Service-oriented architecture is a blueprint for an adaptable, flexible, and open IT architecture for developing services-based and modular business solutions. SAP Netweaver Service Oriented Architecture is a technology platform that has been enriched with highly reusable application functionality, enabling companies in diverse industries to quickly differentiate their businesses and optimise processes in their business networks. Adopting this technology, Abeo’s Service Warranty Application enables online warranty registration of products, online creating of service tickets and online management of service tickets that increases efficiency and productivity which is capable for further business process innovation.

  • Resource Scheduling Tool
    Resource Scheduling Board (built on mobile applications) is a web-based development that presents an overview of new and existing service jobs, as well as the resources available to help the service manager make swift decision on resource allocation and integrate the information back to the SAP system upon affirmation. The updated information will be sent to the assigned service engineer’s mobile to promptly attend to the customer’s requirements, delivering better customer service, reduce costs and achieve greater ROI.

  • Production Scheduling Tool
    Production Scheduling Tool enables production planners to determine accuracy on delivery dates, production progress and monitoring of resources for ongoing jobs, jobs committed and available capacity. It integrates with SAP to obtain the latest production information on real-time basis. A Gantt chart is used to display various production activities such as critical path, start date, end date and status of activities. With real-time information presented on the Gantt chart, production managers can better monitor the current production status while planning for upcoming projects